winter break and last pictures

hello folx,

its been a while since my last post. What happend during this time?! OK first of all i have to tell that i lost my camera and i couldnt record the progress. However there wasnt too much progress, because of cold and rainy weather. it is too wet to work outside and too cold to glue the materials. .. and at all it is always dark when im coming back home from work.

night time

night time

but still the most important thing is installed. My comfortable BED!!! now it is a camper van, before it was just a bus. for now the bed is just at a fixed height but, i hope soon, it will be adjustable in the height. therefore i bought a BMW car jack (you can see it lying on the bottem). but still i have to develop the lifting device. one thing is shure it will be done with steel cables. and the second big thing is the insulation of the roof. it is still far from finish but it goes on…

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